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As income reduced, the city, residents and businesses all cut expenses. Working with our excellent city staff, we—the mayor and council—can seek and inform residents about solutions from all sources: from other municipalities, from associations, conferences and publications.

At city council meetings this year, I presented ways the city can save money by all of us recycling. Bringing in tax-paying and employing businesses continues to be important, but also those that meet everyday needs.



I envision a cohesive, balanced community of residents, businesses, and government with an active “trialogue”. We have so much to build upon already and I will facilitate that improved communication.


Sustainability is not a buzz word. As a community, we must encourage self-reliance by looking locally for most of our needs; by seeking businesses, which use local resources for local production, to fill local needs. Residents can expand the community garden, Time Bank and non-motorized transit concepts.

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